Immersive Sci-Fi

Immersive sci-fi is a concept we're developing that combines an advanced starship simulator with direct game-play interaction and live webcast.

The concept is set on Endeavour, a deep space exploration starship powered by a combination of alien and human technology.

There are no scripts or video-game narratives, the crew are not actors and every control console is real. The success of each mission depends on the skills of the participants.

And the crew? That’s you.

Join the Adventure

Now sci-fi fans like you can join the adventure for themselves. Experience deep space exploration, first contact, diplomacy and starship combat, chosen from a range of missions.

As you and your crew ace each mission and your skills grow, develop your virtual career and take on more advanced missions.

Everything you need to join the adventure is here: online training, crew collaboration tools and simulator bookings.