What Can You Do?

Foundation Members

Getting in early has its advantages. Right now the ISDC is a conceptual framework that needs fleshing out. True to our goal of making this a participatory concept, we’re looking for a team of foundation members to take up the challenge.

Lead: You’ll be taking part in important decisions that will shape the ISDC and its mission for everyone who follows.

Create: Use the development tools to create first versions of vessel systems, new worlds and concepts.

Inspire: Your creations will become a foundation for others to build on, ensuring the concept constantly evolves.

Now is the time to join the ISDC’s founding elite.

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Immersive sci-fi is an innovative entertainment concept which brings together television and gaming to create a new and more engaging genre in which the audience are an integral part of the action.

This is an unscripted sci-fi universe in which the actors are presented with scenarios and react according to their characters, with everything webcast live.

The ship isn’t just a set. It’s a detailed simulator with complex and realistic systems which viewers can access. If you choose to undertake training, you can become a member of the crew and operate ship systems during live action.

You could also watch it just as a tv show or just play it just as a game. How much and in what manner you engage with the content and community is up to you:


Soon there will be regular video content to watch, including live mission action and edited episode summaries. Leading up to that, you’ll be able to watch crew candidates work through simulation runs in preparation for the first mission, even helping to choose the first crew by rating candidate performances.

Join the Crew

Create a persona and join the ISDC. As part of the crew you can select which operating area (branch) appeals to you most and learn more about the technlogy and systems. Once you’re proficient, you’ll be operating actual vessel consoles as you watch the live action. Stick with it and you’ll rise up the ranks, even stepping onto the bridge itself.

Take a look at some of the career options.

Develop Vessel Systems

The simulator engine makes it possible to create a full range of vessel systems from main engines through to torpedo systems, without having to be a software engineer. Vessel systems will evolve constantly as upgrades and improvements are suggested by the team.

Choose a system that interests you and join the development team.


Create New Worlds

The crew will be exploring new worlds during their mission and yours could be one of them. Create the geographic, meteorological and biological systems for your world inside the simulation engine.

If the vessel makes it to your planet, the crew will start with low-resolution scans from space, gradually unlocking its secrets.

Work with the editorial team to insert storyline elements into your world such as a new civilisation, valuable resources or secret installations.