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Endeavour’s first systems are rolling out of the workshop, with reactors, engines and navigation systems ready to install. Soon a crew will be needed to operate these systems and take Endeavour out into deep space.

This is immersive sci-fi, built around a sophisticated simulator engine, so the crew won’t be actors. They’ll need to be trained and experienced with their chosen systems before they even step foot onto the ship. The crew you’ll see on screen will have risen through the ranks of the ISDC, having helped to build, test and ‘write the book’ on how to the ship’s systems.

These are the people we call Foundation Members: those who are interested in sci-fi concepts and technology who may even be looking to join Endeavour’s first mission.

What You Can Do Now

As a Foundation Member you’ll choose your area of interest (we can help you with that) and get started contributing ideas and assisting with system design and build.

Each technology area has its own professional group, which are social-media style collaboration spaces that allow members to ask questions, exchange ideas and share updates. Right now groups are discussing bridge layout designs, impulse engine configurations and sensor array deployment. Soon they’ll be scheduling simulation runs and drafting operating procedures ready for launch.

An example of the Group Activity feed from a member's personalised portal page (click for larger)When crew selection and training begins these will be the people with the best chance at securing a spot on that first mission.

If that sounds like you, get in touch to find out more or sign up.

Virtual Crew

If you’re not ready for foundation membership right now, then let’s look at what you could be doing when Endeavour launches.

Not all of the action will be happening on screen. While coverage of mission events will spend a lot of time focussed on the bridge or in engineering, the rest of the crew will still be working to keep threats at bay, make new discoveries and come up with solutions for any situations that arise.

In immersive sci-fi there is no script, so while Endeavour’s onscreen crew is expected to make decisions, they’re not expected to have all the answers. That’s what the virtual crew is for.

As a virtual crew member you’ll be watching the action live from wherever you happen to be and you’ll have full access to actual vessel consoles so you can monitor systems and adjust controls to test solution ideas.

What you discover or develop will be delivered directly into the action so your crewmates can assess and recommend your contribution. If you spotted something first or solved a problem better then you’ll see it unfold onscreen and career-advancing credit will be coming your way.

In the meantime, you can still participate in groups, read up on technology and keep track of progress.

Get in touch to find out more or sign up.