The Story So Far

All sci-fi lives within its own universe, a unique combination of timeline, technology, history and lifeforms.

Endeavour’s universe is set near to the present day with slight historical variations. Certain governments have direct knowledge of extra-terrestrial contact but are divided on how to respond. Some are preparing for war in defence of Earth, others want to achieve peaceful first contact.

But no-one knows who the aliens are or what they want.

Endeavour is being built by a secret international consortium to find out. When launched she’ll be powered with a combination of adapted alien technology and the best that human scientific knowledge has developed, allowing exploration deep within our galaxy.

The Mission

The mission is to establish peaceful relations with our galactic neighbours if possible or defend Earth if not. Along the way Endeavour and her crew are to learn everything they can about what lies beyond our solar system.

They won’t be alone. The world’s most powerful militaries are building starships to pursue their own missions. They don’t yet know about Endeavour but when they do, they’re unlikely to take it well.

For now, while Endeavour is being constructed her most important component is being developed: her crew.

This is where you join the adventure.

The best of the military, industry and science of contributing nations are training for the mission and competing for a coveted place as part of Endeavour’s crew on her historic deep space mission.

You could be one of them!