Simulator Systems

The core of the simulator is Endeavour’s bridge where vessel systems are monitored and controlled. Here a range of skills are required to complete missions including maneuvering and defending the ship, routing power, repairing damage and scanning surrounding space.

The bridge crew use touchscreen consoles which are designed to present data and interact with systems intuitively. Short online training courses make it easy to learn a system so that you get the most out of your time in the simulator.

Consoles are easily reconfigured depending on the mission’s requirements. New systems are being added to the simulator all the time to support new and more complex missions.

Learn more about Endeavour's systems below to find the one that interests you most.

Ship Systems

Shipboard power is supplied by a pair of magneto-inertial fusion reactors, supplemented by auxiliary and emergency power generation systems. 
Propulsion systems include the vessels main magnetoplasma impulse engines and the superluminal drive.
Tactical systems include a range of weaponry, countermeasure and electronic warfare systems intended to protect the vessel against conceivable threat scenarios.
Effectively the the vessel's eyes and ears, sensor systems are vital to core operations.