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Arcane Takes the Lead

Deadline have reported on data from Parrot Analytics which shows Netflix animated series Arcane now the leading digital original series with United States audiences.

But what does that really mean? We're going to dive in and find out.

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Latest Video

In this week's edition: Dune is nearly here, we witness a Discovery recovery and more great sci-fi on the way for December! Ahead of this weekend’s Oz Comic-Con in Sydney Raymond talks to panelist and comic artist Daniel Picciotto about what to expect at the event.

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Will Robinson on Mars

In a short interview with, Maxwell Jenkins who plays Will Robinson in Lost in Space has confessed to being a die-hard sci-fi fan even before the show, and keen to get himself into space for real or even Mars.

Like many others he is amazed by the commencement of civilian space flights.

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Doctor Who Lost in Flux

We're rather fond of Doctor Who but not so much the racist turn it took this season.

It was only out of a sense of fairness that we watched episode 3, to check if there were any more "potato heads" or equivalent, or if the Doctor had anything to say about them.

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Return of the Boba?

Disney have released a new short teaser for The Book of Boba Fett.

Much of the footage we've seen before in the earlier, longer trailer.

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Resistance is Motile

New Scientist have reported on a fascinating development in the field of Xenobots.

No, not robotic warrior princesses.

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What Defines Sci-Fi?

In relation to HBO's Station 11 series based on the Arthur C. Clarke award winning book of the same name, we posed the question, when is sci-fi not sci-fi?

We agreed with the author's view that simply being set at any point in the future - even a very near one - doesn't make a work sci-fi. Her view is that it's simply drama.

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Sydney Oz Comic-Con

This year's Oz Comic-Con titled "Homegrown" is set to kick off in Sydney on December 4 and 5 at the Sydney Showground, Olympic Park.

Homegrown obviously courtesy of COVID. This will be the first in-person expo at the showgrounds since the lockdown.

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Mina on Being Penny

MEAWW have published a short exclusive interview with Lost in Space star Mina Sundwall who plays Penny Robinson.

Earlier in the week we commented on Keanu Reeves having a small memory failure but that being ok so long as he can remember his lines.

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The Silent Sea Trailer

Netflix have released a trailer for The Silent Sea.

With the series scheduled to begin streaming next month this is the first footage released for it.