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The International Matrix

Warner Bros. have released a new trailer (with intro by Keanu Reeves) and "spots", i.e. ads, for The Matrix Resurrections.

Elsewhere in the world and not in English.

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Falling Frontier Trailer

Todd D'Arcy of Melbourne indie game development studio Stutter Fox Studios has released an exclusive trailer via IGN about their upcoming game Falling Frontier.

He begins by announcing the delay of early access until Q2 of 2022 for the standard reason. He'd like it to be in better shape. Then goes on to show off some of what's already there.

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Cyberpunk 2077

Almost a year after their tumultuous launch, Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be catching a break.

A few weeks back they were nominated in two The Game Awards categories - best roleplaying and best score and music.

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Neil Wasn't Punked

Just in case you were wondering.

We weren't either but in a recent interview with Collider, Neil Patrick Harris was asked if he thought he was being punked when he was offered his role in the upcoming Matrix movie.

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Art of James Cameron Book

Collider have reported on a new book of art by James Cameron who has brought us some of the best and most visually distinct sci-fi films.

It's titled Tech Noir and the sample images in the Collider piece are very cool. One which looks like the alien queen is titled "queen of the trash bags".

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Mass Effect Cringe

We recently learned that Amazon is close to signing a deal to develop a Mass Effect TV series.

Excitement abounds. The Mass Effect games are widely loved and a huge feather in developer Bioware's cap.

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Chloé Zhao Vampire Teaser

Chloe Zhao has posted an image on Instagram of a creepy looking fellow possibly on horseback.

Sure, why not?

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DART Launch

NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission launched successfully.

You can watch the entire 2 hour NASA livestream or skip foward to the launch just after the 50 minute mark.

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DC Super Pets Trailer

DC have released the official trailer for DC League of Super Pets.

There are a few good laughs in it, like the Iron Man gag, but we're not sure every joke landed.

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That Halo Teaser Revisited

Screen Rant have published an article on a Game Informer interview with Halo Infinite creative director Joseph Staten.

It could be of interest to those curious about the upcoming game but also explains something which had puzzled us.