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The Disneyverse

No, this isn't another joke and it's not really called that. We're taking a small creative liberty there.

But this week CEO, Bob Chapek, revealed that Disney is prepared to get in on that metaverse action:

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Unity to Acquire Weta

This week saw an interesting confluence of gaming, film and technology.

Unity Technologies, developers of the Unity game engine, announced a deal to acquire film-maker Peter Jackson's New Zealand based visual effects company, Weta Digital.

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The Icelandverse

Inspired by Iceland, an official tourist website for Iceland, has produced a clever ad capitaling on Mark Zuckerberg's recent announcement of Facebook's rebranding and plans for the Metaverse:

Enhanced actual reality without silly looking headsets.

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Warframe Prime Resurgence

Starting on November 16, online sci-fi shooter / RPG Warframe is running a special event, Prime Resurgence, allowing players to unlock 2 Prime Warframes per week through to January 18 for a total of 18.

The complete schedule and all details about the event are available here.

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Not So New Starfield

Following Skyrim's 10th Anniversary Fan Celebration and Concert, PC Gamer published what they claim are 13 new pieces of concept art for Starfield.

Our having looked in on this title previously, we immediately recognised several of them.

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La Brea Renewed

TV Insider reports that NBC has renewed La Brea.

Shot in Melbourne and regional Victoria, it's a special effects heavy sci-fi drama in which a whole bunch of people get sucked into a sinkhole and become trapped in a primeval land.

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Cowboy Bebop Team Up

Netflix have released another short teaser to mark the one week until release point for Cowboy Bebop, titled "Team, up goddamit!".

Like a lot of teasers, there's no major reveals but it's another little taste to keep you keen.

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Satisfying Kenobi

Disney have released a teaser for their upcoming series, Obi-Wan Kenboi.

It's mostly interview footage and artwork.

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Black Lotus Official Trailer

Earlier this week, Adult Swim released an official trailer for the new animated series, Blade Runner: Black Lotus.

We commented on an earlier trailer and thought this looked like it could be worth watching. If it were possible to watch in Australia which it didn't appear to be.

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A Warning From Einstein

Today, courtesy of myth debunking website Snopes, we have unusual entertainment news.

There is a YouTube video purporting to show Albert Einstein predicting the fall of the moon.