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Picard Pics

Star Trek: Picard may be wrapping up after season 3, but in the interim it's business as usual and have released a dozen new pictures promoting season 2.

There's no big reveals and several appear familar from scenes shown in their recent trailer but some look new.

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Halo Trailer

As promised by yesterday's teaser, today Paramount dropped a new trailer for their upcoming Halo TV series, and it's much better than the previous one.

This trailer shows and tells you what the series is about.

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The Midwich Cuckoos Trailer

Many people could tell you what a triffid is - big scary man-eating plant - but the same author who dreamed those up, John Wyndham, also wrote some other scary books.

One of those is The Midwich Cuckoos and the subject of a new TV series by Sky for which they have released a trailer.

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Halo Teaser

We have a new teaser for Paramount's upcoming Halo TV series which is a small amount of new footage and the promise of a full trailer tomorrow.

Looks good. We'll be watching for it.

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Doctor Who Number Two

Depite viewer numbers being low this season, Doctor Who has nabbed second place in a public vote for The Most Beloved BBC Show conducted by the BBC's The One show.

That's quite an honour and there's obviously still a lot of love for the series.

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Waiting for News

This is the semi-official update status for the next Star Trek film.

In an interview with Collider, Simon Pegg was asked what he knew.

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Moonfall Imminent

Roland Emmerich's space disaster epic Moonfall lands in cinemas this week and to prepare the way Lionsgate have released two new short clips and a featurette.

The clips are just short snippets from the film - one of them shortly after taking off and another entering the moon.

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Raising Dion Recap

Netflix have produced a season recap for their superkid series, Raising Dion.

They've done it from an interesting angle. Closer to the ground.

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Dune Up For a DGA

Nominees have been announced for the 74th Directors Guild of America Awards.

Denis Villeneuve has been nominated for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Theatrical Feature Film for Dune.

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Planetside 2 Gets Wet

Daybreak have released a sizeable update for sci-fi massively online shooter, Planetside 2, titled Expedition Oshur.

Among its additions are a new continent, water mechanics and new water weapons.