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Stranger Things Spend

In a week when Netflix reported their first drop in total subscribers in their ten years of operation, it's not surprising that eyes have turned to Netflix's spending.

Their achievements in the entertainment industry have been truly remarkable, but at what cost?

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The Batman Opening Scene

The Batman has released on HBO Max in the US - not available here - and they've released the opening scene on YouTube.

Our debilitating reboot exhaustion is particularly sore in the region of Batman so we're passing on this one but approve of the practice of releasing opening scenes as a potentially more transparent representation of a film than trailers.

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Love, Death + Robots S3

An amusing teaser including a release date of May 20 has been released for Netflix's Love, Death + Robots.

We're not especially into horror so haven't watched the earlier seasons but this teaser is good enough that we may take a look at them next time we're loitering in Netflix.

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Welcome to Eden Trailer

Netflix have released a trailer for their upcoming Spanish production sci-fi drama, Welcome to Eden.

There is apparently more to it than just the horny, sweaty teens shown in the earlier teaser.

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Tiny Tina's First DLC

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands have announced and will imminently launch their first DLC (downloadable content), Coiled Captors.

Less than a month after the game's launch.

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Thor Teaser

If you live in Sydney you might find the first few seconds of this teaser curiously familiar.

Thor's next installment Love and Thunder was shot here and we recall seeing temporary park closure signs at the time.

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Voltron on Amazon?

Deadline report that while no deal has been signed yet, Amazon are in talks to host the live action film adapation of the 1980's cartoon series which featured the titular giant robot.

This could be a double blow for Netflix.

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Netflix News

For the first time in their 10 years of streaming service, Netflix has recorded a loss of subscribers - 200, 000 in Q1 of this year.

Had they not cut services in Russia over their invasion of Ukraine, Netflix would have added 500, 000 subscribers. This still would have fallen far short of their forecast 2.5 million increase.

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Studio Interview

Last season local sci-fi film director Richard de Carvalho is back to talk about the making of his indie film "A Blaster in the Right Hands" joined by the film's stars Ben Hamilton and Kirsty McKenzie.

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Lego Stargate?

Not officially, no.

But with action roleplaying video game LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga enjoying the limelight, Stargate fansite Gateworld have published a piece on a fan created lego Stargate Command.