Blog Archive: May 2022

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Prey Teaser

20th Century have released a teaser for their soon to be released Prey film, set in the Predator universe.

An alien hunter armed with advanced technologies versus a Commanche warrior armed with bow and hatchet.

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Tim Sweeney Interview

In April Fast Company published a short interview with Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney in which he speaks about both the metaverse generally and their specific plans in this space.

If you're interested in gaming and / or the metaverse it's worth a read.

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Leaving The Empire

Actress Adele Haenal has departed from French sci-fi film L'Empire (The Empire), and the film industry entirely, claiming it to be racist and sexist.

Initially she had thought the film to be a fun Star Wars type affair but reports that the script is "full of jokes about cancel culture and sexual violence".

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She-Hulk Leak

Disney+ UK have accidentally leaked a release date (August 17) and synopsis for upcoming legal comedy, She-Hulk.

Both of which were quickly deleted.

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Tennant & Tate to Reunite

Former Doctor Whos (excluding Eccleston) returning for the series' 60th anniversary next year wouldn't surprise anyone.

But the BBC has announced that both David Tennant and Catherine Tate will return.

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Strange New Directive

While we were relieved that Strange New Worlds' pilot episode felt like a return to real Star Trek, it may have been short-lived.

The second is an improvement in that Uhura gets over her pilot episode fangirl giddiness but unfortunately we see The Prime Directive retconned and also some weak writing.

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Diversity Tool

Activision Blizzard have shared details about an internally developed and employed tool to quantify character diversity in their games, for the purpose of improving it.

Which has been met with unfair criticism from people who approve of efforts to improve diversity but raise a range of irrational objections to the method.

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Classic Boobs

Several months ago a Kickstarter campaign was conducted to fund a John Carter computer game. Their prospects didn't seem great and it unsurprisingly failed.

You may also recall we gave a boobies warning in relation to an article about a John Carter comic.

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Dolmen Q & A

Wccftech have published a Q & A with Kiev Martins, producer of sci-fi Soulslike action roleplaying game Dolmen which releases next week.

Perfect timing to capitalise on Soulslike Elden Ring's stellar launch three months ago.

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The Orville S3

Hulu has dropped a trailer for The Orville: New Horizons (aka season 3) and it looks like more magnificant content from a show which has quickly become a fan favourite.

The good news continues - SBS On Demand have announced that they're fast-tracking its release in Australia for June 3, which will effectively be same day as the US.