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Ion Sci-Fi 31 May

This week a big one for Star Wars fans: a recap trailer released as Obi-Wan Kenobi hits screens, we take a look ahead to Star Wars: Andor and yet another series is announced. Also, Stargate's Robert C Cooper has a new TV project, Netflix has a new sci-fi anime series and a Jurassic World game expansion.

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Stargate Third AI Read

Following on from their first two Stargate cast table reads of an AI generated script, The Companion have announced a third.

Scheduled for "this summer" (US) which means in the next few months.

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Get Out of My Space

Indie developer OnionMilk have released a gameplay trailer for their turn based tactical game, Get Out of My Space.

Which turns a common gaming and film scenario on its head.

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Ms Marvel - Courage

Marvel have released another short teaser titled Courage for their upcoming Ms. Marvel series.

In typical promotional fashion it's mostly footage we've seen before with a few seconds of new and will likely be followed by more throughout the week.

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The Bad Batch S2

Continuing and possibly closing out May's Star Wars blitz is a season 2 trailer for animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Slated for a US Fall, i.e. September - December, release on Disney+.

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Skeleton Crew

Lucasfilm have revealed the name and a few basic details about a new series expected to premiere next year on Disney+ - Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.

John Watts (Spider-Man: No Way Home) will direct, Jude Law will star and it focuses on four lost children trying to get home.

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Avenue 5 Likely Over

Deadline report that Avenue 5 is unlikely to get a third season.

They put this down to COVID - contracts expiring over the downtime period - but we didn't think it was very good.

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Orville Interview have published an interview with The Orville writer / executive producers Brannan Braga and David A. Goodman, and director / executive producer Jon Cassar.

They definitively reiterate that The Orville hasn't been cancelled.

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Upside Down Down Under

Coinciding with the premiere of the first volume of season 4 of Stranger Things, Netflix have been a little bit creative. Or perhaps a nuisance, depending on your perspective.

And how you feel about large tentacled monstrosities.

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Dominion Biosyn Trailer

Dinosaur park construction and management video game Jurassic World Evolution 2 has released a trailer for their upcoming Dominion Biosyn expansion.

With Biosyn being a location in the upcoming Jurassic World Dominion film.