Blog Archive: May 2022

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Obi-Wan Recap Trailer

An official story recap trailer has been released for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

Clips from the earlier films leading into the new series.

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Marvel MMO Canned

Yet another Marvel MMO has been canned, this time early in development by Daybreak Studios who once upon a time were known as Sony Online Entertainment.

Citing only non-specific business stuff reasons.

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Jurassic Clips

A pair of new clips have been released for Jurassic World Dominion.

One with Sattler and Grant (Learn Dern and Sam Neill) and one with a gigantosaurus finding the group.

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Hardspace 1.0

Novel starship salvaging game Hardspace Shipbreaker has left early access.

Of course there's a trailer.

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Night Sky in Space

This is about a week old now - apologies for our tardiness - but when Amazon's Night Sky series launched on Prime Video, the series was also launched into space.

They're calling it Earth's first intergalactic TV series premiere.

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No Man's Sky Leviathan

A new expedition has launched in No Man's Sky and it's their biggest yet.

Bigger than giant flying sandworms? Yes. Prepare to meet Leviathan.

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The Hospital

Reading the synopsis for a newly announced animated sci-fi comedy The Hospital picked up by Amazon, our first thought was, how has this never been done before?

Television shows set in hospitals are so prolific that one day they may outnumber actual hospitals so it's a genre over-ripe for sending up.

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Love and Thunder Trailer

A full trailer has dropped for Marvel's Thor: Love and Thunder and we feel it has better rhythm than earlier promos.

Will the film be as good as Ragnarok which is one of Marvel's finest? We don't know but are curious to see how it fares.

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Ion Sci-Fi 24 May

This week the Babylon 5 reboot lives on, a look at new Chris Hemsworth sci-fi thriller Spiderhead and a sneak peek at the first 8 minutes of Stranger Things 4.

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Star Trek 4 Update

In an interview with British radio station Radio X Karl Urban has repeated the line we've all heard many times before - the next Star Trek film is happening and there's still no script.

What's new? Matt Shakman who is set to direct the film has just signed on to executive produce a new Godzilla live-action series for Apple.