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No News Is No News

Stargate SG-1's anniversary passed and there was not a peep from Amazon.

While we had speculated that this would be the perfect date to announce any kind of Stargate revival, the lack of news might not be a death knell.

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Farewell Grandad

Bernard Cribbins who played Donna Noble's grandfather Wilfred Mott in Doctor Who has passed away.

Just recently he had been seen on set filming for Doctor Who's 60th anniversary special with David Tennant and Catherine Tate.

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Ripout at Gamescom

It's a day for unusual games.

Before seeing Glaciered which impressed our socks clean off, we saw Ripout's trailer and though it wasn't as impactful several of its features made our eyes go wide.

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Glaciered Announced

This one qualifies as something a bit unusual in the gaming department.

It's an announcement trailer for a new aquatic action roleplaying game called Glaciered in which you play a post-apocalyptic dino-bird.

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Orville On Disney

Here in Australia but not everywhere overseas, The Orville's first two seasons have been on Disney+ courtesy of Disney owning Hulu.

During the San Diego Comic-Con series creator, showrunner and star Seth MacFarlane announced all three seasons coming to Disney+ on August 10.

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Stargate Anniversary

July 27 (in the US - which is about fifteen hours behind us) will be the 25th anniversary of Stargate: SG-1.

A social media campaign is being organised using the hashtag #WeWantStargate and there'll also be livestream chat with series creator Brad Wright and lead Richard Dean Anderson (O'Neill, with 2 Ls).

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Marvel Lawyers

At the San Diego Comic-Con Marvel shared the trailer for upcoming series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, at the end of which we see Daredevil.

This is Netflix's (originally) Charlie Cox Daredevil and Marvel also revealed that his reboot Daredevil: Born Again will premiere in Autumn (Oz) 2024.

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KOTOR Remake On Hold

Bloomberg reports that the remake of classic roleplaying game Knights of the Old Republic has been paused indefinitely after nearly three years in development.

As with the delay to Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora we wonder if this might be a mid-development pivot in response to the market.

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More What If

Marvel's animated anthology series What If...? has been renewed for a third season.

Our view being that Marvel is totally overdoing the multiverse we've only watched about half of the first season.

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X-Men 97 Spring 23

During the San Diego Comic-Con Marvel gave their revival of the 1990's animated X-Men series a Spring (Oz) 2023 release date.

Attendees were also treated to a brief clip of Magneto introducing himself as the new leader of the X-Men.