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Ion Sci-Fi 30 August

This week highlights from Gamescom including retro alt-history shooter Atomic Heart and digital table-top game Moonbreaker, Claudia Black is back in sci-fi thriller Deus, Toni Collette joins new sci-fi series The Power and what's in and out on streaming services.

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Jennifer Joins Dark Matter

Announced back in March, Apple's multiverse series Dark Matter starring Australia's Joel Edgerton has added Jennifer Connelly to the cast as his wife.

With Snowpiercer having been cancelled in June (though one more season still to come) her dance card opened up.

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Star Ocean Mission Report

Square Enix have released another mission report for upcoming sci-fi / fantasy roleplaying game Star Ocean the Divine Force.

Featuring new characters and gameplay mechanics.

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Seeking Stars

A new "pulpy space opera genre film" Island in the Stars which will be shot in Australia is seeking its own stars - high profile ones to join their cast.

Which already includes Australians Vernon Wells (Mad Max II : The Road Warrior, Weird Science), Tony Bonner (The Man From Snowy River), Emily Coupe (The Crossroads) and Krista Vendy (Neighbours).

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Star Auction Wars

Star Wars has just trumped Star Trek in the memorabilia auction wars, with a Han Solo prop pistol from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope selling for $1,057,500 US ($1.54 million Oz).

Beating last year's Captain Kirk rifle which sold for $615K US.

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Edgerunners Approaches

Just yesterday we were puzzling over the lack of a confirmed release date for Netflix's animated Cyberpunk: Edgerunners series and today we finally have one, along with a new trailer.

It's titled Official NSFW Trailer. You've been warned.

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Artemis Delayed

Last night NASA called off the launch of the Artemis 1 moon rocket due to an engine cooling malfunction.

Their next possible launch window be on September 2. Failing that there are windows until the 6th and after that not until the 19th.

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Gamescom Awards

As is often the case in gaming but almost never in film and television, sci-fi did quite well in this year's Gamescom Awards.

Assuming you regard steampunk souls-like Lies of P to be sci-fi. Otherwise sci-fi bombed.

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Netflix September

Australian Netflix subscribers have a little bit of a extra sci-sunshine coming their way in September.

With Dune on the 2nd, The Matrix Resurrections on the 16th and curiously or perhaps ominously, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners still without an official release date.

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Gamescom Days 4 & 5

We didn't have an opportunity to attend to the mountain of Gamescom material yesterday so we're doing days 4 and 5 together.

Today we have more Lies of P and Moonbreaker, and new trailers for Lightyear Frontier and Miasma Chronicles.