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Latest Video

This week sci-fi heavyweights line up in the Saturn Award nominations, is a fourth season of The Mandalorian already on the way, new trailers but more delays for sci-fi games, a Doctor Who regeneration twist and a rookie presenter fills in for Raymond.

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Ezra Apologises

Sort of. While we never jumped on the bandwagon to summarily execute beleaguered by controversy star Ezra Miller, we are slightly skeptical of the official apology they recently issued.

It's both light on details and aim.

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Severance Update

When speaking about their impressive haul of Emmy nominations in July, Severance series creator Dan Erickson warned that their writing process was very involved and that no production date had been set for season 2.

In an interview with SiriusXM series star Adam Scott has revealed that they're going to start shooting "pretty soon".

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Opening the Cabinet

Netflix have allowed us a first look inside upcoming horror anthology series, Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities.

Australia's own Essie Davis (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries) stars with Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead) in an episode titled The Murmuring.

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Red Hood Builds

Continuing the reveal build up along the road to release, we now have gameplay of two high level Red Hood builds for open world action roleplaying game Gotham Knights.

One of those is not what we expected.

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Batgirl in the Belfry 2

Bit of a running gag here - after Warner Bros. shelved the Batgirl film, it seems like they're taking absolutely every opportunity remind us that her character is still in open-world action roleplaying game Gotham Knights.

The cinematic scene with Batgirl and Nightwing in the Belfry has been deleted (made private) and re-uploaded to the official Gotham Knights YouTube channel.

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Russell's Great Machine

Still keeping an ear to the ground for the source of speculation that David Tennant's Doctor Who might regenerate into Ncuti Gatwa's, we found a video of his appearance at Fan Expo Boston in which he says that there was closed set filming and more to his appearance than anyone realises.

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Westworld S5?

In an interview with Deadline, Westworld creators and showrunners Johnathon Nolan and Lisa Joy have confirmed that we still haven't seen the ending they have in mind.

If you've not watched the finale yet, avoiding spoilers, it ends on a cleverly ambiguous note which could serve as a satisfying ending while still teasing the possibility of more.

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Virtual Influencer

In the category of truths stranger than fiction, South Korean gaming giant Krafton have launched their "first virtual human, ANA".

Think of it like reverse LARPing (live action roleplaying) and instead of geeks having fun, it's for corporate profit.

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Deliver Us Mars Delayed

The developers of upcoming space adventure game Deliver Us Mars have announced a launch delay from September 27 to February 2, 2023.

Citing the entirely usual and expected reason of wanting the game to be its best.