Blog Archive: August 2022

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From 4 to 4

Matt Shakman is no longer set to direct the long awaited fourth Star Trek film in the J. J. Abramsverse.

He is considering a return to the Marvel family and is in early talks to direct their upcoming Fantastic Four film.

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Evil Cancelled

Netflix have cancelled Resident Evil.

We are neither surprised nor disappointed and went so far as to say we'd cancel this show without hesitation.

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Atomic Heart Combat

Whoopsie. We missed post-apocalyptic alternate Soviet history retrofuturistic action roleplaying game Atomic Heart's new combat trailer for Gamecom.

Which may be the highlight of all Gamescom reveals so far.

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Gamescom Day 3

Gamescom's third day seems to have been relatively quiet with just a little bit more from High on Life.

There's also some new Gotham Knights footage. Even though that doesn't via Gamescom we're going to slap them together.

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More Umbrella

Joyous news. Netflix have renewed The Umbrella Academy for a fourth and final season.

It's always sad when a great show ends but as we remarked in June, season 4 feels like a natural ending point for this brilliant story.

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Black to Grey

A new trailer has been released for Deus which stars Australia's Claudia Black (a.k.a Vala in Stargate SG-1) as astrophysicist Karla Grey. Does that name sound made for her?

For the sake of managing expectations this isn't a huge budget cinema release. It's straight to DVD and digital.

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Gamescom Day 2

Instead of wall to wall trailers, today is more of a deep dive into a much smaller number of tiles.

Even so we'll deal with High on Life, Homeworld, Lies of P, Steelrising, The Callisto Protocol and Warhammer 40K: Darktide collectively.

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Electrifying Toni

National acting treasure Toni Collette has joined the cast of an Amazon series in a production titled The Power.

In the lead role no less. Where she belongs.

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Love and Thunder

Pretty much as expected because accelerated transition to streaming is in vogue, Thor: Love and Thunder will arrive on Disney+ on September 8.

Though widely regarded as inferior to Ragnarok, reputable reviewers describe it as at least above average so it could be worth a few hours of your time.

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Disney Dick Move

We hope you'll pardon our vulgar language but as they say in the classic Disney Cinderella tale, the shoe fits.

With the original Avatar film returning to cinemas ahead of the sequel's premiere in December, Disney have sneakily pulled Avatar from Disney+.