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She-Hulk Teasers

In typical fashion for a new Marvel series approaching release, there have been lots of short teasers for upcoming superhero legal comedy She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

In typical fashion for us, here's our combined roundup.

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Gotham Knights Skills

Courtesy of the Amazon UK listing for the Gotham Knights Official Collector's Edition book we have some new info about character skills in the upcoming open world action roleplaying game.

Specifically Batgirl (again) and Nightwing.

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Unity Defense Contract

Game software engine company Unity has signed a 3 year multi-million dollar contract with CACI International Inc to create digital technology for the US government.

Why should anyone care?

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Outcast 2 Trailer

In the weirdly appropriate on multiple levels category level today, we have a new trailer for Outcast 2 - A New Beginning.

Recently we've been thinking that Starfield and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora pushing their release dates into next year have left a bit of a sci-fi gaming hole.

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Love Death + Robots 4

Netflix have renewed animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots for a fourth season.

Great series and great news.

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Vaginal Bugs

Trying to identify the source of the Doctor Who David Tennant regenerating into Ncuti Gatwa speculation, we made our way to a recent Wired interview with Neil Patrick Harris.

Nothing he said substantiated that theory but his response to a question about Starship Troopers caught our attention.

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Doctoral Gossip

It's not often that we bother to repeat entertainment gossip but The Hollywood Reporter have dropped a small bomb which may confirm one of our own Doctor Who theories - that Jodie Whittaker may have in fact been The Master.

Their speculation is Ncuti Gatwa may also appear with David Tennant in the 2023 anniversary special and that the latter could regenerate into the former.

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Saturn Comedy

Nominations for this year's Saturn Awards have been announced and they're a bit odd.

For example, Doctor Who has been nominated for Best Fantasy Television Series.

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Designing Gotham

Open world games are very much in vogue right now and the latest trailer for DC's upcoming Gotham Knights action roleplaying game really plays up this aspect.

The 10 minute trailer boils down to their having invested much time, thought and care into their unique design for the oft-visited fictional city.

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Tiny Tina's Spectreglass

The trailer for the next Tiny Tina's Wonderlands DLC titled Shattering Spectreglass is now available.

Featuring a small amount of gameplay for their new Blightcaller class.