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Tudum Ta-Da

While Netflix has a respectable and growing science-fiction library and those titles were present in their Tudum fan event, there wasn't much in the way of substantial sci-fi news or footage.

Hellbound - which we're not sure yet is sci-fi - was renewed for a second season. We got a teaser for They Cloned Tyrone, which looks much less sci-fi than its name might lead you to believe. Plus a teaser for a new anime series Moonrise.

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Gotham Knights Trailer

A little less than a month before release, Gotham Knights now has its PC trailer.

While we're keen to play the game, this trailer made us yawn. It's just "look at our fancy graphics and graphics options".

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Star Trek Lost in Space

Just a few weeks after Disney removed the next Star Wars film from their release schedule, Paramount did the same for Star Trek.

Previously scheduled for December 2023, it's now just gone poof.

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Jack is Back

Despite having previously described his time in the role as done and a return not on the table, Hugh Jackman is now set to return in the role of Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

The announcement came via a twitter video posted by Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds.

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Successful Crash

NASA's little DART satellite hit its target asteroid 11 million kilometres away. Hooray!

Now begins a process of observation and analysis to measure what impact it had on the asteroid's trajectory and if such a system could be used to defend our planet.

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DART Incoming

In a little over five hours at 9:14 AM AEST, a NASA satellite will hit an asteroid. Deliberately.

This is the first mission in their Double Asteroid Redirection TEST (DART) program to assess the viability of a targeted satellite impact to alter an asteroid's path.

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Catch Up

Post several major gaming conventions and also separeate developer showcases, it has been a very slow but not completely unremarkable week for sci-fi.

Here's a catch up.

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Ion Sci-Fi 20 September

This week Disney unleashes a storm of Star Wars previews, details of Jodie Whittaker's final episode as The Doctor emerge, thought provoking new sci-fi anime, a Blade Runner TV series greenlit, new alien abduction comedy from Korea and Avenue 5 is back - but for how long?

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The Power of the Doctor

In the latest Doctor Who Magazine, the title of Jodie Whittaker's final episode has been revealed as The Power of the Doctor.

Sacha Dhawan (the Master) features on the cover and the headline is Absolute Power.

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Gone Rogue

The repeatedly delayed and helm-swapped next Star Wars film Rogue Squadron has been officially removed from Disney's release schedule.

Deadline - who tend to be reliable - report that the film hasn't been cancelled and remains in development.