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Doctor David Destiny Donna

Though not streaming internationally on new home Disney+ until November, the BBC have released the first teaser for the 2023 Doctor Who Specials and it's very heavy on Ds.

Doctor David (Tennant) tells us, "If destiny exists then it is heading for Donna Noble."

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2 Wet Ones

Avatar: The Way of Water has made a predictably big splash in cinemas but unaccompanied by either of the planned video games, Reckoning and Frontiers of Pandora, sci-fi gamers might be looking to scratch a futuristic aquatic itch with other titles.

Relief may be just around the corner with a January 12 release date for underwater city builder Aquatico and a suggestion from developer Unknown Worlds that they may soon unveil Subnautica 3.

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Ark and Ark But Not 2

On the futuristic dinosaur survival game Ark front we have two new trailers - for series adaptation Ark: The Animated Series and tactical battle royale spinoff Ark: The Survival of the Fittest.

None for sequel Ark 2 which along with the series is scheduled to release next year.

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JUNG_E Teaser

Train to Busan and Hellbound director Yeon Sang-ho has made a new film, JUNG_E. Teaser available.

In a post-apocalyptic 22nd century, a researcher at an AI lab leads the effort to end a civil war by cloning the brain of a heroic soldier — her mother.

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Epic Spanking

Epic Games has been spanked by the US Federal Trade Commission to the tune of half a billion US dollars.

A settlement was reached whereby Epic will pay a $275 million fine and $245 million in refunds to customers tricked by "illegal dark patterns".

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Ark Expanded

Futuristic open world survival game Ark: Survival Evolved has released their Expanded Story Content Update.

The unimaginatively named update introduces fresh narration by Australian Actress Madeleine Madden (Wheel of Time) and David Tennant (Doctor Who).

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Cavill Jumps Ship

While Henry Cavill's public response to new DC bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran dumping him as Superman after his recent return to the role and leaving the title role in Netflix's The Witcher was cordial and open to being recast in the DC universe, he has now joined an Amazon series adaptation of Warhammer 40K.

Colour us not surprised.

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65 Surprise

After a long time hovering on the edge of entertainment awareness without providing any details other than cast and delaying its cinematic release by a year, 65 has surfaced and surprised.

Spoiler alert - midway through the trailer it tells us that the 65 refers to 65 million years ago. This is another time travel to the age of dinosaurs one.

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Starfield with Will Shen

Bethesda have released another Constellation Questions developer chat video for Starfield, this time with Lead Quest Designer Will Shen.

There are no major revelations but this video does nail down a few details for this game which have varied in previous Bethesda titles.

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Horizon Online Confirmed

Following recent rumours of a partnership between Sony and Korean online game developer NCSoft to create an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) in the Horizons universe, Horizons developer Guerilla Entertainment has confirmed that an online game is being made, but speak of an internal team.