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Starfield Speculation

This our speculation rather than commentary on someone else's and it's a bit on the wild side.

During their inaugural Developer_Direct livestream, Microsoft revealed a new title Hi-Fi Rush which they released just a few hours later. Might Starfield also have a surprise release?

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Powerful March

Amazon have set a launch window for their upcoming sci-fi drama The Power, which stars Australia's own Toni Collette as Mayor Margot Cleary-Lopez.

Since Toni only joined in an August main role recasting, that's impressively swift.

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Picard S3 Trailer

Curiously coming to us through rather than Paramount or Star Trek accounts we have the trailer for Star Trek: Picard's third and final season.

It's action packed and a far cry from the old man (Picard) moping about a vineyard promo which launched this series to cries of what-the-f is this?

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Davies on Diversity

In a recent interview with GQ, returning Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies touched on diversity in a manner which while true we suspected might be unwise given the broader sci-fi landscape.

By itself possibly not worth commenting on except that this morning we saw numerous sites reporting Davies expressing a very different and also uncharacteristic view about diversity - "lambasting" it.

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Wands, Lasers and Capes

Open world Harry Potter fantasy action roleplaying game Hogwarts Legacy looks set to dominate the gaming industry this year like Elden Ring did last.

But last week also saw two noteworthy sci-fi connections - with the newly released Dead Space remake and last years' Gotham Knights.

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DC Drops Doom and Titans

DC's Doom Patrol and Titans series have been cancelled with HBO promising that their currently on hiatus (in the US) fourth seasons were written to provide "proper" endings.

The news wouldn't be super surprising to anyone. Four seasons is a solid run for a superhero show and new bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran had heralded intentions to unify the DC universe.

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The Orville No News

TVLine has published an official no update update on The Orville's season 4 renewal status, with a quote from Craig Erwich, President, ABC Entertainment, Hulu & Disney Branded Television Streaming Originals.

While some (eg. ScreenRant) are decrying doom it's really a no news message.

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The Ark - First Five

Syfy have released the first five minutes of upcoming space ship disaster survival series The Ark. Their trailer struck us as disappointingly B-grade with a possible hint of tween drama.

This first five minutes doesn't involve any substantial character interactions so we're still in the dark on that one.

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65 x 2

A second trailer has been released for upcoming time-travel to the past and survive dinosaurs film 65.

Not really telling us anything the first didn't.

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Nielsen Data 2022

Viewership monitoring company Nielsen have published their data for 2022 and Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things (all 34 episodes) took two crowns - most streamed original and most streamed overall program with 52 billion minutes.

Other strong sci-fi performers were Amazon series The Boys and Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, earning 11th and 13th positions for original programs.