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Ozzie Snags a Gross Best

This one contains spoilers. If you haven't watched the second episode of The Last of Us, maybe go do that first.

Said episode includes a moment which struck us as super gross and is unsurprisingly being hailed a worst (as in most disgusting) ever.

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Avatar 2 Passes 2

James Cameron's Avatar: The Way of Water has just become the sixth film to ever cross the $2 billion (US) mark in global ticket sales.

Three out of those six films are his (Titanic, Avatar 1 and 2) and Avatar is expected to make it to fourth place within a week.

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Sci-Fi to the Rescue

Netflix have had great success with Korean series and films among international audiences. Their recently release JUNG_E though being bizarrely trashed by some reviewers is truly brilliant and we hope it does well.

One series which performed very well in Asia but not more broadly is Crash Landing on You, a romantic drama about a South Korean heiress who accidentally paraglides into North Korea and ends up falling in love with a North Korean officer.

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Fort Solis Q2

Upcoming third person thriller Fort Solis set in a mining outpost on Mars has been given a Q2 release date.

Interestingly their announcement describes it as an "immersive narrative thriller for the Netflix Generation".

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Big Budget Punk

Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red have revealed that their upcoming Phantom Liberty expansion will be the studio's biggest yet.

Later clarifying that this pertains to budget suggests that it might not be their biggest in terms of geography or duration, which are two standard measures of size.

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Awesom_e JUNG_E

The first reviews for Train to Busan and Hellbound director Yeon Sang-ho's JUNG_E are trickling in and frankly look brutal.

We watched it ourselves before reading any of those reviews and found the film to be brilliant. Our only criticism is what might be some subtitle errors for early onscreen setting the scene text.

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Avengers End Game

It's the end for online game Marvel's Avengers. After its March 31 update the game will receive no further updates and official support will end on September 30.

Both solo and multiplayer gameplay should continue to function but that comes with a caveat.

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Endless Dungeon

A new trailer for tower defense rogue-lite Endless Dungeon gives us a release date (May 18) and tells us that digital editions are now available for pre-order.

"Dungeon" screams fantasy but this and the preceding game are set on space stations. Weird.

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Invincible S2 Teaser

Amazon have released an unconventional teaser for unconventional animated superhero series Invincible.

Rather than the standard montage or scene from the upcoming season it's two characters chatting in a diner with talk eventually turning to the release date which they reveal to be late 2023.

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The Expanse Comic

The Expanse was an excellent television series and possibly many of its fans are still holding out hope of continuation. It did come back from the dead once, saved by big fan of the show Jeff Bezos and brought to Amazon after being cancelled by Syfy.

Instead of another return it's getting the comic book treatment with issue one of a twelve part series being published in April.