Blog Archive: January 2023

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JUNG_E Trailer

Netflix have released the full trailer for upcoming original film JUNG_E by Train to Busan and Hellbound director Yeon Sang-ho.

Having enjoyed his previous work we were hooked by the earlier teaser but this new footage has reeled us in.

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The Other Ark

This year is shaping up to be huge for futuristic dinosaur survival game Ark, with updates, a sequel and an animated TV adaptation.

But there's also the other Ark, which we last heard about at the beginning of last year when Syfy gave it the thumbs up and had since forgotten. Now there's a trailer, though not a great one in our estimation.

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Foundation S2

Apple have dropped a substantial 2 minute sneak peek at season 2 of Foundation.

A very respectable length for a peek.

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Elemental Avatar

Last month in an interview with French publication 20 Minutes, James Cameron revealed plans to introduce new, naughty Na'vi and more enlightened humans, to flip what we've seen previously.

English publications are reporting on it now but missing something we find noteworthy.

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1899 Cancelled

We have the year's first sci-fi cancellation - Netflix's 1899 series.

Interestingly this comes a week before Critics Choice winners are announced, with this series having been nominated in the Best Foreign Language series category.

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CES 2023 Trailers

Coming out of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2023 we have some of the year's first game trailers.

For alternate history Soviet action roleplaying game Atomic Heart and zombie apocalypse open world massively multiplayer online roleplaying game The Day Before.

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Strange Strange World

One thing we've seen but not previously commented on are widespread complaints that Disney failed to promote animated film Strange World, which resulted in a huge theatrical $100 million (US) loss.

Lightyear not being awesome and some of the Strange World teasers also underwhelming we had assumed that it was just a dud film and Disney had wisely cut their losses. But it having arrived on Disney+ we've now seen it and are puzzled.

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Stargate Stalled

Last month we commented on Amazon's announcement of a live-action series adaptation of the fantasy God of War games. Focusing on how that potentially relates to a Stargate revival.

Our view had been optimistic but YouTuber SCI-TREK claims that efforts have stalled again, this time on Amazon's decision to shunt it to MGM+.

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Warhammer Nexus

Sneaking right in at the very tail end of the year is a trailer for a new Warhammer 40K animated series, Pariah Nexus.

Releasing Winter (Oz) on Warhammer+.