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Amazon Mass Effect Series
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In an exclusive interview with Amazon Studios Head Jennifer Salke which focuses on their Wheel of Time series, Deadline learned that Amazon is negotating a deal to develop a Mass Effect series based on the popular sci-fi roleplaying computer game.

Just a few weeks ago Mass Effect celebrated their annual N7 day and released a new poster entitled "Mass Effect will continue".

It was generally believed to refer to the next game in the series, which is in development, but perhaps foreshadowed this announcement.

Considering the typical development and production cycles for TV series and games, potentially these two could release simultaneously and maybe even be related.

That is pure speculation on our part but reasonable to consider.

The gap between TV and gaming continues to narrow as we saw with the surprise release of Ruined King: A League of Legends Story to coincide with the new Netflix animated series Arcane: League of Legends.

Paramount also recently released their sci-fi shooter RPG, Halo Infinite, with a TV series expected to follow in 2022. Maybe they were originally planned to coincide but COVID delayed the TV series more than the game.

Even minus a pandemic, game development is notoriously difficult to keep on schedule. They would have been wise to keep such a plan under their hats.

[ Main Image: Partial teaser poster. Credit: Bioware via Twitter. ]

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