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BBC on Choosing Davies
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Radio Times reports that at a press event on October 11, Head of BBC Drama Piers Wenger had some things to say about selecting Russell T Davies to return as showrunner in 2023.

This was possibly in response to criticisms levelled at the BBC by UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries and subsequent commentary on those by Davies.

Why was Davies selected? Wenger:

I almost think that I don’t need to answer that question. I think bringing back Russell for Doctor Who was one of the least painful decisions I’ve ever had to make.

How will he evolve that show? I mean, he is a man with a vision, for sure. But, you know, we are way off filming. We’ve got a new series starting at the end of the month, and a whole year of Jodie [Whittaker] to go yet. And lots of adventures ahead for her. And so I think it’s just a bit early to say what his vision will be, but it was a very exciting opportunity for the BBC to bring him back.

While we thought Davies a logical albeit unexpected choice, we also can't help but notice that Wenger didn't really answer the question.

Nepotism was the main charge levelled against the BBC by Dorries and that doesn't seem likely here.

Possibly what Dorries wanted was a statement which she and hers could twist into some kind of "admission" that a female Doctor Who was a mistake and Davies is returning to right the boat. The BBC chose not to take the bait.

While season 12 didn't perform brilliantly, season 11 viewer numbers were higher than preceding seasons and on par with the Davies years. That tells us most people weren't put off by the mere idea of a female Doc.


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