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Bebop in Top 10
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The first set of fresh results from Netflix's new Top 10 website have landed and Cowboy Bebop made it into the top 10 both globally and for Australia and New Zealand.

It was the only English sci-fi TV series to do so.

Earning position 6 with 21.63 million hours viewed.

For context, Netflix has 214 million subscribers worldwide.

Taking Arcane and season 2 of Locke and Key as potentially comparably niche top 10 titles which released recently, both had higher hours viewed in their second week.

Our impression of Cowboy Bebop is that its pilot episode is weak so it might not follow that pattern. Neither of the other two shows have that problem. Next week's results will be telling.

In non-English TV, new show Hellbound came it at number 1 with 43.48 million hours.

It is varyingly classified as supernatural, horror, fantasy or sci-fi.

As nice as it would be to claim first position, we've seen it and can't call this sci-fi.

As of the end of season 1, the origin / nature of the mysterious beasties remains completely unknown and no-one has made any serious attempt to combat them.

Some might be tempted to classify it as sci-fi for casting a cynical light on religion but there are a few lines of dialog to the effect of, "This doesn't cast doubt on the existence or goodness of god, only the evil of man."

So presently it's horror and possibly season 2 will show its true colours.

Film appeared to be devoid of anything sci-fi.

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