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Bob Morley Being Bad
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Via Twitter, Bob Morley known for his role as Bellamy in The 100 and before that locally in both Home and Away and Neighbours, has announced his role in a new indie sci-fi film.

Joining him will be his The 100 partner and also real life wife, Eliza Taylor.

It's not often that you see repeated pairings of actors like this, especially if they're also attached in real life.

But there's no need for concern about either being seen as typecast. Their roles and relationship in this appear to be a far cry from The 100.

The story takes place in the modern world as technology finds new ways to enhance our lives; we see a man (Bob Morley) working to harness a new technology for replacing humanity and a woman (Eliza Taylor) fighting to revisit the success and inspiration she lost after her sister’s death.

​Lost and unsure of her ability to continue her career as a painter, she finds herself isolated in a home miles away from civilization, trapped in a failing relationship, and under the manipulation of the virtual assistant that her husband has created.

Bob seems quite awful.

It is slated to premiere at the European Film Market in February, 2022.

[ Main Image: Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor film poster. Credit: Benacus Entertainment via Twitter. ]


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