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Coldplay's My Universe
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Coldplay and BTS released the video to accompany My Universe on YouTube.

At the 18 hour mark they have over 15.3 million views.

It's a cool little video with great special effects, a short sci-fi narrative and a nice tune.

Possibly another in a long list of signs of the growing popularity of sci-fi content.

Have there been other sci-fi music videos? Sure. But they're relatively rare and typically not space operatic.

Also on YouTube you can find a short making of documentary but it's for the song rather than music video. It doesn't touch on sci-fi elements at all and is mostly everyone saying how marvelous everyone else is, COVID sucks and let's make the world a better place. 

Lovely sentiments but better accompanied with regular laser bursts.

[ Main Image: My Universe poster. Credit: Coldplay & BTS via Twitter. ]


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