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Discovery on Free to Air
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TV Tonight reports that Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 will air on 10 Bold in October, Sunday 9:25 pm.

It's likely that most sci-fi fans have managed to see it already but if you haven't, here's your chance.

You can also still watch it on Netflix where Season 4 will release in mid November.

[ Main Image: Discovery season 3 first look. Credit: ]


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I wonder how long it will take the other Star Trek properties to move off Netflix in Australia and onto Paramount+ or Ten's local version of AllAccess?

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In the US Netflix lost several Trek series last month to Paramount+ following both a general trend in that direction and an explicit change in strategy.

Outside of the US and Canada Discovery is globally in Netflix's pocket and the content they're losing now was part of that deal. So if there was an expiration date we've probably passed it.

Paramount+ won't roll out in Europe until next year. They might want to wait until then to pull everything globally at the same time. But Australia has a reputation for piracy.

Maybe they haven't revealed release details for Prodigy here - which is releasing at the end of this month in the US - because they're considering the merits of launching that with other Star Trek titles on offer, some time ahead of Europe.