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Doctor Who Lost in Flux
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We're rather fond of Doctor Who but not so much the racist turn it took this season.

It was only out of a sense of fairness that we watched episode 3, to check if there were any more "potato heads" or equivalent, or if the Doctor had anything to say about them.


Haven't bothered to watch any more.

In addition to this problem, we also felt that the change of format to a full season story arc wasn't working.

It could have but didn't.

Some Doctor Who episodes see the Doctor encountering something vastly new and unexpected and at the last minute realising their error and needing to massively and swiftly adjust their view and thinking to survive and save the day.

The Flux feels like someone decided to stretch that out over an entire season, to ill effect.

Various publications are now commenting on the season whose ratings have continued the downward trend.

The Sun:

'COMPLETE MESS'  Doctor Who viewers all have the same complaint as show ends on agonising cliffhanger

All? That's usually a red flag. And "complete mess" seems a complete overstatement.

Though the criticisms hit the mark.

Radio Times:

Doctor Who fans confused by “meandering” and “complicated” episode

Fan-blaming - yeah that always goes down well.

Meandering and complicated might be fair criticisms of this season.

Where Does The Doctor Go From Here?

The Flux arc has finished but there are still two more Jodie Whittaker episodes. Then we'll have Russell T Davies back in charge with an as yet unrevealed new Doctor.

In trying to figure out why the "potato head" business happened, one possibility which came to mind is that Jodie isn't the Doctor. She could be Missy.

Doctor Jodie didn't have her sonic screwdriver in her first episode. She had to build one.

Missy dropped her sonic umbrella just before she died and she had been pretending to be the Doctor as a learning exercise.

Maybe the Doctor gave her some of his reneration energy to allow them to cheat permanent death and maybe all of those combined produce a state of extreme post regenerative-amnesia in which Missy mistakenly came to believe that she is the Doctor.

The moral of Timeless Child story is that it doesn't matter who you were yesterday, only who you choose to be today.

That would have an extra layer of meaning if Doctor Jodie is a continuation of Missy.

And could effectively give us two concurrent Doctor Whos.

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