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Dronut X1
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Cleo Robotics have released a new drone onto the market - the Dronut X1.

It's interesting for being small, having internalized rotors and being capable of autonomous flight courtesy of sensors including 3D LiDAR.

The name is also cute.

Makes sense of course - drone, dronut - but it also evokes images of famed inventor of the makeup gun, Homer Simpson dreaming up a contraption capable of fetching beer (aka drinks) and donuts.... dronut!

There is no mention of a "whore" setting in Dronut X1's technical specifications.

With a $9800 (US) price tag, it probably won't make it into many Christmas stockings but it looks small enough to fit in a regular sized one.

[ Main Image: Dronut X1 drone. Credit: Cleo Robotics. ]


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