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Dune Spice Wars Trailer
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It has been a good week for Dune. The film surpassed 400 million in global box office takings and Funcom also released the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming real time strategy (RTS) game, Dune: Spice Wars.

Set on Arrakis you control one of four factions - House Atreidies, House Harkonnen and two not yet revealed - to battle for territorial control.

Looks fairly typical for an RTS except of course for the fact that the penultimate resource, spice, is produced by massive sandworms which move and try to eat your units.

Dune: Spice Wars is scheduled to release in Early Access this year on Steam.

[ Main Image: Dune Spice Wars gameplay trailer. Credit: Funcom via YouTube. ]


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Why are Atreides green? They're suppiosed to be blue. House Ordos is green. 

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We're not familiar with this level of detail for the franchise ourselves but...

Having a look at the Dune wiki they say that the House Atreides colours are green, red and black.

In the most recent film it looks like Atreides is a mix of greens and tan.

So the game might have this right.

On the other hand the Dune wiki says that House Harkonnen's colours are blue and orange. Not red.

Possibly you've seen Atreides as blue in something else and Harkonnen is red here because the designers opted to play into the western cultural tendency to associate evil with red and fire.