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Gamescom Day 2
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Instead of wall to wall trailers, today is more of a deep dive into a much smaller number of tiles.

Even so we'll deal with High on Life, Homeworld, Lies of P, Steelrising, The Callisto Protocol and Warhammer 40K: Darktide collectively.

High on Life

The first 25 minutes of the game have been shared, which is generous as gameplay demos go.

Unexpectedly the game begins in what looks like an average American present day home.

But there's an alien sitting on your couch arguing with your sister.

And your character never speaks. Only your weapons do.

You can make different choices in dialogs but it's always your gun who talks.

Of note - there is some brief but laser sharp ironic commentary on video game violence.

After which you need to commit more than a little bit of said violence.

Though the area you traverse is the slums which is half submerged in toxic sludge, the bright colours and aliens everywhere make it an oddly beautiful place.

Are we sold on the game?

Not sure, but this gameplay definitely moved us in that direction so we'd call it a successful demo.

Homeworld 3

IGN do a quick developer interview to learn what's new in this latest entry of the space real time strategy series.

The developer's reply amounts to a bunch of stuff which was a pipedream back in the early 2000s when they were making its predecessor but IGN have cut it with gameplay footage showing lots of the cool new features.

Using debris as cover, hiding in tunnels, actually launching bombers from capital ships.

The campaign continues the story from Homeworld 2 about one hundred years later.

There will be no mothership customisation but there will still be progression.

Lies of P

The first 12 minutes of gameplay are shown which proceeds like a standard tutorial area.

Immediately this historical clockwork souls-like delivers something we'd found lacking in its sister Steelrising's trailers.


On their first run the player encounters a ranged attacker on a rooftop who proves to be a problem.

After dying and respawning, we see the player has a collection of detachable arms with different functions.

They switch to one with a cable which can be shot at enemies to pull them.

On their second run that ranged attacker is pulled of the roof and dealt with more easily.

Another arm attachment we see is a firearm which shoots a bomb that detonates after a short delay.

Again we're not completely sold on this but this gameplay footage has at least piqued our interest.


Steelrising's trailer showcases their gorgeous alternate history Paris.

And advertises beta access beginning August 25 as a pre-order bonus.

The Callisto Protocol

IGN talk through yesterday's gameplay footage with one of the developers.

It is unexpectedly enlightening.

That big whizzy thing at the beginning is a huge woodchipper.

A comic detail - with woodchippers being a horror staple - which we completely missed in all the scary, moody darkness.

The remote grab and throw ability is identified as the grip device, which prison guards use to manage prisoners.

They talk again about their new mutations feature - fail to kill enemies quickly enough and they can sprout tentacles which need to be attacked.

Fail to destroy them in time and the enemy can mutate to become deadlier.

So it adds a strategic element to combat.

You're not just killing whatever's closest. You need to pay attention to each enemy and be mindful of budding mutations.

Which are also deadlier in close range because the tentacles can attack you.

They have a weapon upgrade system called the Forge which is a 3D printer.

In addition to the grip, baton and pistol, there'll be more exotic weapons.

Despite the presence of that 3D printer, bullets are in limited supply and they want players to rely primarily on melee.

Though you're not keeping ammunition completely in reserve.

They expect combat to typically involve use of melee, grip and gun.

Warhammer 40K Darktide

There's new gameplay footage and a handy developer to answer questions about it.

Unlike Vermintide with its premade characters and their crafted stories, this title allows you to create and customise your own human character.

Lowly prisoner forced into service for the Inquisition.

You make the journey from disposable meat shield to fully-fledged agent acolyte of the Inquisition.

We've done the whole prisoner to champion thing before in other games.

It's a bit of a staple.

But we don't see the appeal of rising through the ranks of this bunch.

Game looks solid though for those who are into this kind of thing.

[ Main Image: Lies of P - Gamescom Gameplay Trailer. Credit: Neowiz Games via YouTube. ]


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