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Gamescom Opening Night
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Since we were up early to work anyway, we watched Gamescom's Opening Night live.

There were a dizzying number of sci-fi titles showcased.

Wall to wall trailers with just a few telling us anything new about these games.

We've listed the sci-fi ones in show order with a few notes and a link to their trailer and IGN articles where applicable.

First off though there was an unexpected promotion for a concept vehicle - The Aceman Mini, with a Pokemon connection.

Like Pikachu it's fully electric (groan) and they asked, what if people could connect their gaming consoles to a car, like you can a mobile phone?

Their motto is "Play on. Never stop playing."

Like, not even when you're driving?

Mobile phone users are already dangerous enough behind the wheel.

How cool has gaming become though, that major car manufacturers are trying to suck up to us?

Everywhere.Game [ Trailer - Article ]

  • A play, create and share sandbox. Sounds something like Epic's Core. A Metaverse type thing.
  • Not shown in the trailer but quickly deduced by viewers, there's an NFT connection.
  • Different art-styles and also genres.
  • 2023 release.

Dune Awakening [ Trailer - Article ]

  • Open world survival MMO which has been known to be in development for quite some time.
  • Beta sign-up available now.

The Callisto Protocol [ Trailer - Article ]

  • New gameplay - in Glen Schofield's own words "crazy" combat + something new with a "crazy" ending.
  • Showcased a new system of mutations. Sometimes enemies develop tentacles and if you don't shoot them off quickly enough, they can mutate into something worse.
  • Combat gameplay including stealth. He shoots off something's head, which doesn't kill it. It grows tentacles out of the neck which slowly become a new head.
  • Something new - a waterslide type sequence through corridors which ends with you being sliced in half by a rotor blade.

New Tales from the Borderlands [ Trailer - Article ]

  • Interactive comedy graphic adventure.
  • This trailer is first footage.
  • October 21 release.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties (DLC) [ Trailer - Article ]

  • Post-apocalyptic open world action game.
  • This DLC introduces an arena.
  • October 13 release.

Marauders [ Trailer ]

  • First person shooter set in industrialized space.
  • Early access October.

Destiny 2: Lightfall [ Trailer - Article ]

  • Very impressive trailer for this online multiplayer shooter's next expansion.

Sonic Frontiers [ Trailer - Article ]

  • New gameplay plus release date of November 8.

Goat Simulator 3 [ Trailer ]

  • The game's name says it all.
  • First gameplay including jetpacks and laser beam eyes.
  • November 17 release.

Moonbreaker [ Trailer - Article ]

  • By Unknown Worlds, who made Subnautica.
  • They describe is a turn based sci-fi digital miniatures game and Hearthstone (strategy card game) meets Xcom (turn based strategy).
  • Graphically it looks like a table top top strategy game rendered in a computer game.
  • Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson - that guy who earlier this year broke Kickstarter records - crafted this world.
  • You choose a captain and 10 crew with special abilities, then deploy and play.
  • Note - you can paint all of your pieces, like you can physical miniatures.
  • It enters early access on September 29.
  • People signed up to the Unknown Worlds website have also received an email inviting them to sign up for Krafton ID (Krafton now own Unknown Worlds), for which they're offering a commemorative “Gloomside” Crankbait Paint Job for the Smuggler piece.

Lies of P [ Trailer - Article ]

  • Pinnochio souls-like.
  • Victorian setting but with steam-punk gadgetry, so a bit sci-fi.
  • 2023 release.

Stranded: Alien Dawn [ Trailer - Article ]

  • Sci-fi survival sim on an alien world.
  • Steam early access in October.

Homeworld 3 [ Trailer ]

  • Space real time strategy game.
  • Interesting use of cover (debris) both as a shield from missiles and to hide from opposing forces.
  • Release in first half of 2023.

Honkai Star Rail [ Trailer - Article ]

  • Sci-fi strategy game.

High on Life [ Trailer - Article ]

  • Comedic sci-fi action shooter with living weapons.
  • New gameplay clip of talking guns in a boss fight.
  • December 13 release.

The Expanse: A Telltale Series [ Trailer - Article ]

  • Behind the scenes clip.
  • Shows Drummer scavenging a ship full of dead bodies, and severed heads.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space [ Trailer - Article ]

  • Humans v alien klowns multiplayer game derived from the 80s horror film.

Scars Above [ Trailer - Article ]

  • Third person sci-fi action adventure.
  • Looks like a potentially grand, sci-fi story.

Gotham Knights [ Trailer - Article ]

  • Trailer shows known opponents, plus confirms the inclusion of Harley Quinn and Clayface.
  • New earlier release date of October 21 (instead of 25).

Warhammer 40K: Darktide [ Trailer ]

  • Trailer plus November 30 release date.
  • The trailer nominally showcases customization but those screens whiz by super fast.

CrossfireX: Babylon Update& [ Trailer ]

  • Co-op shooter with what looks like present day weaponry.
  • But also some big walker type tanks so some sci-fi.

Dead Island 2 [ Trailer - Article + Preview ]

  • Post-apocalyptic action roleplaying game set in Hell-A (LA) with zombies and six playable characters to choose from.
  • It's a very long-awaited sequel.
  • This trailer shows Jacob, who has something weird going on with his eye. Possibly he's infected.
  • The developers call it a combat sandbox.
  • Players are encouraged to experiment with different methods of zombie slaying.
  • February 3, 2023 release.

[ Main Image: Scars Above story trailer. Credit: Prime Matter via YouTube. ]