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Gold Joystick Winners
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This year's Golden Joystick winners have been announced and sci-fi picked up a few.

Timebending shooter Deathloop nabbed Critic's Choice Award.

Mech sidescroller Metroid Dread won Nintendo Game of the Year.

Psychedelic Psychonauts 2 won Xbox Game of the Year.

While our money would have been on Minecraft to take home Ultimate Game of All Time based on the number of copies sold and active community, we would have lost.

Fantasy action role-playing game, Souls, bagged that one.

Many would regard that as a fair win.

Its design was considered somewhat revolutionary and it inspired many games which followed, to the point that "Souls-like" has become a part of gaming language.

[ Main Image: 50th Golden Joysticks Award. Credit: Golden Joystick. ]


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