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In this edition: Why has Star Trek: Discovery disappeared? Raymond is joined by sci-fi film director Richard de Carvalho to discuss the week in sci-fi including whether the metaverse is really a thing and if the studios and their franchises are any good for sci-fi fans, as well as:

A big week for sci-fi shooter game releases:



More films hitting screens in December:

Don't Look Up

Spider Man: No Way Home

Stranger Things Season 4

NASA ready to launch the first planetary defence system 

A new Star Wars immersive resort just like being in space 


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Owning up to a boo-boo in the script. Raymond should have said DART stands for Double Asteroid Redirection Test but the script transposed the middle two words.

Although It occurs to me the way Raymond read it, the acronym was DRAT. Not auspicious...

Rest assured a session has been booked for the script writer in the agony booth.