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John Carter of Mars
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Earlier this month we saw a article about a new John Carter of Mars comic book series which we thought not quite interesting enough for our purposes here.

Warning if you're at work or not into boobies, one of the covers shows them.

Clearly at least some believe that enough time has passed since Disney's disastrous John Carter film to revisit the property.

Just a few days over a decade now. It released on February 22, 2012.

Based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel first released in a magazine series which began in February 1912.

Certainly franchises can recover from a poor entry.

Preceding the incredibly popular and critically acclaimed Witcher TV series and computer games were a much less successful film and TV series.

Though in that case they wouldn't have been seen or possibly even noticed by many who would enjoy those later entries.

Disney's John Carter was a big news big budget bomb and many people would have seen it by now.

It could be tough to overcome the stigma of that earlier failure.

On the other hand the entertainment industry is experiencing a real boom right now and sci-fi is in fashion.

That John Carter comic series isn't alone. There's also a first person adventure game in development and commencing March 1, they'll be running their second Kickstarter campaign.

There was an earlier Kickstarter campaign on April 19, 2021 which we've found many references to, beginning with the game's reveal, but don't know how that went.

Presumably not well enough if they're doing another.

In the leadup to this next one they've been releasing work in progress footage:

As labelled, they're work in progress so not especially impressive.

Apart from being the first John Carter computer game, this will also be the first to feature James Bond author Ian Fleming as a character - a WWII intelligence officer.

John Carter: Warlord of Mars doesn't presently have an ETA but its Kickstarter campaign kicks off of March 1.

Disney's John Carter film is available on Disney+.

[ Main Image: John Carter Warlord of Mars WIP trailer. Credit: FNCPR via YouTube. ]


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