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Jurassic Trailer 2
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While sadly some of the reveals at this year's Cinemacon were exclusive to attendees, one which has been shared with the world is the new Jurassic World Dominion trailer.

What's to be said other than it's action and dinosaur packed?

Well, maybe a little.

The previous film left us with dinosaurs on the loose and we knew from the previous trailer for this film that we were going to see the fallout from that.

We hear Jeff Goldblum's character say, "The Doomsday Clock might be about out of time," and see dinosaurs eating people on the streets of major cities.

At this threat level we wouldn't be surprised to see efforts to exterminate them.

We also hear BD Wong's character - the lead scientist who created the dinodsaurs say, "We made a terrible mistake."

On the other hand we have Chris Pratt promising dinosaur buddy Blue that he'll save her kidnapped baby.

Also dinosaur extermination would end a very popular and lucrative film franchise. Doubt that notion would be popular with the film execs.

We're curious to see the solution and in what moral context it is couched.

Human survival at any cost?

Loose dinosaurs as an ecological disaster?

Evolutionary supremacy, i.e. dinosaurs have gone extinct before so they've "had their turn"?

Or maybe we find a way to live with them.

We'll find out when Jurassic World Dominion releases in Australian cinemas on June 9.

[ Main Image: Jurassic World Dominion trailer. Credit: Universal Pictures via YouTube. ]


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