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Kirk on Kirk
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After saying "Fuck Star Wars. But Not Mark Hamill," and that Gene Roddenberry would be "turning in his grave" at some of the new Star Trek series, William Shatner had kinder words for Paul Wesley who now plays Kirk in Strange New Worlds.

He's young and handsome and thin and rich.

He (Shatner) isn't wrong about Wesley but he was asked for his view about Paul's performance, not his dating eligibility.

FYI he's married. Oh well.

Bill eventually gets to the point.

Brilliant performance. Brilliant performer. A guy who's going to go very far.

When asked if Paul is as handsome as the original Kirk, after considerable pause Bill replied:

I don't remember.

Paul Wesley will return as Kirk in season 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds which is expected to premiere next year.

[ Main Image: William Shatner at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. Credit: IGN via YouTube. ]


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