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Meta Cambria
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We are keeping an eye out for oversized reptiles to report on Jurassic World's Dinotracker, but no, this isn't that.

Meta - formerly and more notiously known as Facebook - have revealed a preview video of what they're calling Project Cambria.

In brief, it's the next iteration of their Meta Quest - formerly known as Occulus Quest - "mixed reality" headset.

Most of the preview is showing the current iteration which is ok but not mind-blowing.

If it weren't our job we probably wouldn't have watched much of this video.

Like us a lot of people wouldn't be familiar with their headsets and we can understand Meta / Facebook wanting to show current v Cambria to demonstrate advancement.

But viewer time and attention is finite.

Towards the end they get to Cambria, which does look a little bit impressive.

It's no holodeck but could be a significant step in that direction and offer a degree of immersion not possible with a boring old television screen or computer monitor.

[ Main Image: Project Cambria preview. Credit: Meta via YouTube. ]


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