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Mina on Being Penny
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MEAWW have published a short exclusive interview with Lost in Space star Mina Sundwall who plays Penny Robinson.

Earlier in the week we commented on Keanu Reeves having a small memory failure but that being ok so long as he can remember his lines.

Then on how Neil Patrick Harris landed his role in The Matrix Resurrections via informal but seemingly good quality chit chat.

Mina reveals that during her second Lost in Space audition, she was nervous and forgot some of her lines.

Game over.

So she thought.

But I guess my reaction was very Penny-like.

In this instance she was just being herself but the possible lesson here for other actors is whatever you do, do it in character.

Season 3 of Lost in Space arrives on Netflix on December 1.

[ Main Image: Mina Sundwall in Lost in Space. Credit: Netflix ]


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