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Netflix September
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Australian Netflix subscribers have a little bit of a extra sci-sunshine coming their way in September.

With Dune on the 2nd, The Matrix Resurrections on the 16th and curiously or perhaps ominously, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners still without an official release date.

Both Dune and Matrix are Warner babies so naturally at home on HBO overseas.

In the US Dune originally released simultaneously in cinemas and on HBO Max for one month.

Then returned to HBO Max in March.

So it's taken quite a long time to show up here.

On the plus side, it helps to bring a bit of balance to the month which sees two new series from fantasy heavyweight franchises on other services, House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power.

What's going on with Edgerunners?

There is reportedly intense competition for limited special effects services slowing down film and tv releases.

If this were a live-action show we might wonder if it was stalled in the post-production logjam but Edgerunners is animated.

Reports we're unable to confirm say that its entry on the Netflix website briefly listed a September 13 premiere date.

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