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No News Is No News
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Stargate SG-1's anniversary passed and there was not a peep from Amazon.

While we had speculated that this would be the perfect date to announce any kind of Stargate revival, the lack of news might not be a death knell.

There is the Stargate real-time strategy game Timekeepers which is expected to release soon.

Being able to announce the game and a new series or film in development on SG-1's 25th anniversary would have been the trifecta but game development is notoriously difficult to keep on schedule.

Amazon might see more benefit in attaching a new series / film to the game than to the anniversary.

Perhaps the Giant Freakin Robot claim of Amazon wanting to reassemble the cast of the original film is true and Kurt Russell's subsequent signing onto Apple's Godzilla series knocked the Stargate revival off course.

Whatever is happening behind the scenes Stargate will continue to be a rich property ripe for revival and we'll continue to keep an eye out for news about its return.

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