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Prodigy Preview and Cast
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Fresh from Star Trek: Prodigy's Comic Con panel come several interesting new pieces of information and another short preview clip.

I'm Kathryn Janeway, your training advisor. I'm a hologram based on one of the most decorated captains in Starfleet history, programmed to assist the Protostar's crew on their journey back to Federation space.

Janeway was never so boastful.

But of course this isn't her or even a holographic her. It's a new character flashing her credentials in this forthright manner is very reminiscent of Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram when he was first activated.

It feels authentic.

The first episode is titled Lost and Found and will be one hour long and introduce us to a group of teens exiled on a mining colony who discover a derelict Starfleet ship.

Several new recurring voice cast reveals were also made during the panel: Daveed Diggs as Commander Tysess, Jameela Jamil as Ensign Asencia, Jason Alexander as Doctor Noum, and Robert Beltran as Captain Chakotay.

We can also report a confirmed release platform and date for Australia: Paramount+, October 29.

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