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Revisiting Rice
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We didn't realise AMC were developing a new series based on Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire until we saw its trailer.

First thought on seeing it - don't remember anything overtly sexual between Tom Cruise's Lestat and Bradd Pitt's Louis in the 1994 film.

But we couldn't even guess at how long it's been since we saw it.

Was there?

Apparently only a few lines of dialog uttered by Claudia which signalled mutual but not acted upon attraction.

He wants you as you want him. He's been waiting for you. He wants you for a companion.

Times really have changed and AMC's latest adaptation would seem to be much truer to Anne Rice's vision than Hollywood would have dared in the 90s.

Though Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt brought major star power to that film.

What do we have here?

Must confess we didn't recognise Australian Sam Reid as Lestat but looking at his credits, don't think we've seen anything he's been in.

He had a main role in ABC's recent The Newsreader so he's no nobody.

But he'll probably be a fresh face for most genre viewers outside Australia.

On the other hand, new Louis looks slightly familiar.

Didn't recognise Jacob Anderson by name but he played Grey Worm (leader of the Unsullied) in Game of Thrones.


Going from eunuch to hyper sexual vampire is one way to demonstrate range.

Interview with the Vampire will premiere on AMC+ on October 2.

AMC+ is available in Australia as a subscription on the Apple TV and through Amazon Prime Video Channels.

[ Main Image: Interview with the Vampire trailer - Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid. Credit: AMC via YouTube. ]


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