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Russell T Davies to Return
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In 2023 Russell T Davies will again take the lead as showrunner for the world's longest running sci-fi tv series in its 60th anniversary year. Though he hasn't been completely absent from the franchise and has been writing for other projects.

It is quite the surprise move for the BBC, but ignoring the convention of not recycling showrunners it does make sense. Davies is the father of modern Doctor Who and presided over its golden years. Ratings were their best under his banner. Moffat and Chibnall were both also great directors but each brought a different storytelling style and tone to the show. Viewers who enjoyed one might not enjoy them all.

Rehiring Davies could lure back many former viewers. On the other hand, attrition is the norm for television. Very few shows grow or even maintain viewership over their lifespan regardless of continuity of showrunners. Ratings could continue to decline after his return.

Jodie Whittaker, our first female Doc, will leave the show at the same time as current showrunner Chris Chibnall in Spring 2022.

[ Main Image: Russell T Davies. Credit: BBC via Twitter. ]


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