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Star Ocean Mission Report
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Square Enix have released another mission report for upcoming sci-fi / fantasy roleplaying game Star Ocean the Divine Force.

Featuring new characters and gameplay mechanics.

It opens with a new figure ominously telling us:

Any friend of it is an enemy of mine.

And I won't let either of you consume another world.

Planetary munchies?

Whether their use of "consume" is literal (like Marvel's Galactus) or figurative (like stripping it of resources) isn't detailed in this trailer.

Though that character is identified as Velanj Garfuul in a later panel and his bio includes:

Targets D.U.M.A., who he calls the "eater of planets".

D.U.M.A. is your little flying robot buddy.

Who this trailer details plays a big role in combat.

Each character - with D.U.M.A.'s help - can build up a meter to execute special abilities.

Or you can set to D.U.M.A. to passively apply a party wide buff.

They name all of the major factions and introduce the Vyrians who possess advanced technology.

Previously this planet had been portrayed as non-technological.

More ominous mystery.

Star Ocean the Divine Force releases on PC (Steam), Xbox and PlayStation on October 27.

[ Main Image: Star Ocean the Divine Force - Velanj Garfuul. Credit: Square Enix via YouTube. ]


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