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Prodigy Character Posters
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Nickelodeon have released 6 posters for characters in Star Trek: Prodigy. Emergency Training Hologram Janeway plus the Delta quadrant brats who find, board and pilot a Federation vessel in the Delta quadrant, five years after Voyager's return to Earth.

Premiere details for Australia are uncertain. Mediaweek have reported that it's coming to Paramount+ in Australia. It seems a reasonable assumption but there doesn't appear to be any official confirmation regarding that or its release date and there's no sign of it on the Australian Paramount+ homepage. Though their site appears to only display a selection of currently streaming shows rather than upcoming ones. Other sites are treating all information about the Australian release as unknown.

It will premiere on October 28 in the US on Paramount+ and on CTV Sci-Fi in Canada. Europe will get it in 2022 as part of the rollout of Paramount+ there. The delay for Europe appears to be purely tied to that rollout. Paramount+ launched in Australia in August so we might get it at the same time as the US.

Prodigy Crew

[ Images : Star Trek: Prodigy Crew. Credit: Paramount+ via Facebook. ]


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