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Stargate Table Reading
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GateWorld reports that former Stargate cast Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, David Hewlett and Jewel Staite are re-uniting to read an AI generated script for The Companion.

Looks like they only invited doctors, though Captain Doctor Samantha Carter has made it to General for this script.

Subscription to The Companion is required to attend and as detailed on GateWorld, this isn't a live reading. The reading itself is pre-recorded but the premiere will include fan engagement.


The Companion. Stargate A.I. – Sam, Daniel, McKay & Keller Return on November 6th, 2021. (viewed October 2, 2021)

Sumner, Darren (September 29, 2021). Stargate’s Cast Members Are Reuniting For A Unique Table Reading. GateWorld.