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Strange New Opening
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Paramount have released the opening titles for upcoming new series, Strange New Worlds.

While we haven't been impressed by all of the teasers, the title sequence is nicely done.

Sharing much the same dialog as the sequence of The Original Series and also The Next Generation, it is firmly rooted in the franchise's popular past, but with some gorgeous state of the art special effects.

It is well pitched at what many, including us, presume to be the target audience for this series - disenfranchised Trekkies.

A group we belong to.

Though we are also in the unusual position of monitoring sci-fi news.

For example the notion of "very curated editions" of Star Trek as shared by a Paramount exec suggests that their plan is to make a range of potentially very different Star Trek programs for potentially very different audiences.

If Strange New Worlds is a return to form for Star Trek that may not be indicative of the direction of the entire franchise.

Rather it might just be one "traditional" Star Trek style show in a suite of other programs set in the Star Trek universe which could be very different in style and tone. Made for different audiences.

It's like offering fans one element of the Star Trek pie.

There's pie.

Then there's flour, water, oil, filling(s), plus baking.

Granted some fillings could be tasty on their own, but no individual element is pie.

On the other hand, Star Trek is no longer one of the only pies on the shelf.

There is a growing abundance of sci-fi and we don't have to restrict ourselves to any one.

If Strange New Worlds is decent - so far Prodigy is - then we might watch it simply as a viewer rather than as a Trekkie.

Strange New Worlds premieres exclusively on Paramount+ on May 5 and we'll be watching.

The first ten episodes of Prodigy are available in Australia on Paramount+ and the first five on Binge and Foxtel Now.

[ Main Image: Strange New Worlds opening sequence. Credit: Paramount via Twitter. ]


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