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The Invincible First Look
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Retrofuturistic atompunk action-adventure, The Invincible, has released a "first look" trailer via GamesRadar's YouTube channel and judging by the screen branding we would guess that they presented this during the Golden Joystick Awards.

We see a bit more than was shown in the teaser trailer, but this is another short video and it's still early days.

What could be the most vital detail is dropped near the end - the game will have branching storylines and multiple endings.

Our previous impression  - possibly an assumption arising from this being based on a book - had been of a fixed narrative.

This will have much broader appeal.

We will continue to watch this one with interest.

The Invincible is due to release in 2022 on PC and consoles.

[ Main Image: The Invincible concept art. Credit: Starward Industries via YouTube. ]


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