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The Invincible Teaser
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Announced last year by fledgling Polish development studio Starward Industries, PC game The Invincible now has its first teaser trailer. 

For starters, that's a great name for a gaming development studio (headed by a Witcher 3 dev).

It's like "we're sci-fi or bust". Love that level of commitment.

Visually the game brings gamers something fresh by reaching into the past and a non-English speaking culture.

Like No Man's Sky, it's aesthetic is retro but in this case with a more Soviet flavour and photo-realism.

Gameplay wise it looks to be an immersive novel.

There's not a lot of other info available yet, but Gamepur published an interview with their CEO last year, in which they discuss their plans.

[ Main Image: Gameplay screenshot. Credit: Starward Industries via Steam. ]


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