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The Power of the Doctor
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In the latest Doctor Who Magazine, the title of Jodie Whittaker's final episode has been revealed as The Power of the Doctor.

Sacha Dhawan (the Master) features on the cover and the headline is Absolute Power.

Underneath that headline is:

He'll always find some way of coming back

Strongly suggesting that Missy's demise in season 10 wasn't permanent.

Should we read anything into the use of "power" in both instances?

After the tragically embarrassing and completely uncharacteristic racism demonstrated by Doctor and companions in The Flux series, we theorized that perhaps Jodie is actually the Master.

In the sense that she'd be a continuation of Missy.

Though the Doctor is an assumed title adopted as part of a concerted effort to re-invent himself.

The Master could choose the same path and effectively give us two Doctors.

So this magazine cover and next episode title might be another hint along the same lines as the June reveal of the unused 1960s film plot for two simultaneous Doctors.

We'll know soon enough.

Jodie Whittaker's final Doctor Who episode is scheduled to air in October on the ABC.

[ Main Image: Doctor Who - The Power of the Doctor - Mandip Gill and Sacha Dhawan. Credit: BBC via ]


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